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I believe that we are all spiritual beings placed on this Earth by the majestic CREATOR to fulfill our incredible potential. In this post I am going to give you my 10 step process to accomplish anything you want in life.

Step 1 (You Have To Want It)

The first step is to want to change. No one else can want it for you. Only when you are sick and tired of failure and commit to inner and outer change can you really be on your way to a true transformation. The bible describes it as being “born again.” You literally have to become a new you.

Step 2 (Self-Honesty)

The second step is to develop a brutal self-honesty. We live in a world where people blame others and other things, but they refuse to ever blame themselves. The Bible talks about looking at a mirror and examining our faults. You have to be brave enough to ask yourself: “where do I need to improve?” Only when you become honest with yourself can you take the next step.

Step 3 (You Need To Have A Vision)

Step 3 is to develop a vision for where you want to go in your life. Imagine you have a magic wand which allows you to create any reality you seek. Where would you like to be in 5, 10, or 15 years? Which one of your passions do you want to turn into a profitable business? Generate a specific vision and write it down in a few paragraphs. This will serve as your continuous inspiration in life.

Step 4 (You Need Specialized Knowledge)

Step 4 is to acquire the specialized knowledge which will allow you to make your vision a reality. I don’t recommend taking action without first acquiring the knowledge. This would be like wanting to change the motor of your car without first mastering how to do it. You don’t want to take blind action. Become an obsessive reader in whatever you want to do and, once you get this specialized knowledge, you can proceed to step 5.

Step 5 (Write Down Your Goals)

Step 5 is to write down your goals. When I mention goals I am referring to creating written short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. I want to emphasize the word “written”. They have to be written because visualization is a powerful component. When you are able to see your goals on paper it makes them real in your mind. Also, you need goals because, just like an archer, you need a target to hit, otherwise you are just taking random, pointless action with no direction.

Step 6 (Create An Action Plan)

Step 6 is to create an action plan. I am currently in California. I have no idea how to get to New York driving. If I want to get there I am going to need a map. In the same way, to reach the goals you created in step 5, you need to have a written step-by-step system that tells you what specific action steps you must take to get to where you want to go.

Step 7 (Take Action)

Step 7 is to take action. It is not enough for me to set the goal of losing weight and then creating an action plan. I actually have to get myself to the gym and force myself to eat right. When it comes to your life goals, it is no different. Nothing happens without action. You need to defeat the enemy named INERTIA and force yourself to just MOVE. Once you take action you will build an unstoppable momentum.

Step 8 (You Have To Be Flexible)

Step 8 is to be flexible. This means that you have to understand that life is not static and will not bend to your will. Reality doesn’t really care about your will. Therefore, you need to be willing to adapt to what life throws your way. You need to be willing to evolve as life evolves. You need to become like a skilled boxer who knows that his or her opponent could either throw a jab, a hook, or an uppercut, which means that he or she must be prepared and flexible at all times. Life is full of problems, and that’s ok because you will be willing to adapt and overcome them.

Step 9 (You Need To Have Persistence)

Step 9 is to develop persistence, which is basically synonymous with never quitting. It is persistence that carries the winners forward and leaves the losers making excuses and playing the victim card. The Bible says that those who persist until the very end will be saved. Likewise, those who continue to take action until the very end will reap the rewards that are possible in this life.

Step 10 (You Must Be Mentally Tough)

Step 10 and last step in this formula is to become mentally tough. I know, life can be brutal at times. Life is full of personal loss, either through death or financial loss. Life will kick you even when you are already down. You have a choice to make. Are you going to let life break you down or a you going to achieve a BREAKTHROUGH? The choice is yours. I want to challenge you to be STRONG. I want to challenge you to be STRONGER and TOUGHER than your problems.

In Conclusion

It is my sincere belief that you can achieve any life you want if you apply this amazing 10 step system. I just want to remind you to stop making excuses. You were placed on this Earth for a reason, and I urge you to strive to reach the full potential you are capable of achieving.

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Alexander Marquez is an online entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential in life. His interests are online marketing, philosophy, poetry, and politics. Follow his tips and you will succeed.

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